EVDC Equine Research Day

7th June 2023

Location: Pool House Equine clinic. Lichfield, WS13 8RD, United Kingdom.


09:00   Welcome and discussion about residency programmes.

10:00   6x 30 min research presentations from EVDC residents in traning.
             These will be case reports, preliminary research data or critically appraised topics (CAT reviews). 
             The best abstracts submitted will be given the opportunity to present.
             All will be discussed with the assembled delegation and constructive feedback offered.

13:00  Buffet Lunch

14:00  Panel discussions:
           Panel: Sam Hole, Chris Pearce, Henry Tremaine, Neil Townsend.
           Themes. Troubleshooting cases:

  • Tricky oral extractions: when to go to plan B? What is preferred plan B?
  • Deciding in which cases to attempt endodontic therapy.
  • Endodontics - and restorations - common technical faults.
  • CT - which cases does this benefit most.
  • Periodontal disease - what is the strategy for the chronic refractory cases.

 17:00  Round-up and close.

Registration will open soon!

Price, including buffet lunch:
£155  (€180)  Delegates
£105  (€120)  for EVDC residents


Abstracts should be submitted no later than 1st of March 2023 to henry.tremaine@gmail.com