Other Events and Courses

Disclaimer: Courses listed on this site are led by an EVDC/AVDC diplomate. However, these courses are not specifically EVDC-endorsed for content and quality and they may not be directly relevant to residency training programmes. Please check directly with course- organisers for details of all courses.

Small Animal Veterinary Dentistry Course 
Saturdays and Sundays 4-5th March, 25-26th March, 1st-2nd and 15-16th April, 6-7th and 13-14th May 2023 

Location: Valencia
Time: Saturday from 09.00-18.30 / Sunday from 09.00-14.30 CET
Speakers: Ignacio Velázguez, Ana Castejón-González, Pilar Castelló

The course is aimed at providing students with practical competence, and theoretical basis, in the most common dental procedures in the small animal clinic.

This university postgraduate course is structured in modules, in which the theoretical bases of the practical procedures will be learned and practiced during each established module.

At the end of the course, students will have the autonomy and bases for the performance of periodontal treatments, as well as extractions of any tooth in small animals. The resolution of complications and regional anaesthetic nerve blocks are also competencies that students will acquire during this postgraduate course.

Click here to check the website for more information! (https://ifevet.com/postgrados/odontologia)

Advanced Dentistry - Equine Endodontics and restorative work 2023

Location: Pool House Equine Clinic, Lichfield, WS13 8RD, UK
Time: Thursday 8 June 2023 08:30 - Friday 9 June 2023 18:30
Speakers: Henry Tremaine, Sam Hole, Manfred Stoll, Torbjorn Lundstrom, Neil Townsend

This is an advanced course for practitioners with an interest in Equine dentistry, who may be studying for post-graduate qualifications with a good understanding of dental pathology.

This is a development course, led by experienced specialists to take constructive equine dentistry to a higher level for graduates with a experience in the fundamental techniques in equine dentistry. It is designed for vets who already have a thorough knowledge of dental anatomy and are looking to develop more specialised skills.

The course will comprise of interactive lectures, case discussions and extensive structured wetlabs on cadaveric material and models. You will learn how to select suitable cases, theoretical principles and technical aspects of restorative dentistry, the correct use of instrumentation and the appropriate application of these techniques.

This course is the ideal stepping stone for anybody considering progressing into restorative techniques in horses before they consider equipment purchase and undertaking work on patients. It would also be suitable for those wanting to develop their knowledge and skills to achieve better outcomes.

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EDC Key Skills

EDC Key Skills 1 - Theory and Practice of Routine Dentistry
This 3 day course covers everything required for performing quality equine dentistry on a day-to-day basis. A high level theory course with unique practical in remedial and routine equilibration techniques. Learn to enjoy your dentistry and pick up tips and tricks to improve your work.

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EDC Key Skills 2  - Advanced Dentistry for the General Practitioner
This 3 day course covers the skills and knowledge to take your cases from the routine appointment into the clinic for further investigations and treatment.

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EDC Key Skills 3 - Introduction to Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry
This 3 day course covers everything for starting out in the novel and progressive world of equine restorative and endodontic dentistry.

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EDC Key Skills 4 - Advanced Dental Extractions, Oral, Sinus and Head Surgical Techniques
This 3 day course covers diagnostics and treatments for advanced dental (cheek teeth), sinus disorders and fracture management.

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EDC Key Skills 1 Day course

EDC Key Skills - Dental Imaging 1-Day Course
This is a 1-day course with theory, discussion and practical training in equine dental imaging.

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Modern Equine Dentistry for Equine Dental Technicians - UK
This is a 1 day theory and practical course for Equine Dental Technicians (EDTs) covering dental anatomy, pathology, common problems, technique discussions, and cadaver dissection.

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