Ignacio Velázquez-Urgel




Ars Veterinaria is a 24/7 veterinary hospital stablished in 1978.
The hospital is located in Carrer Cavallers, 37 Barcelona city since 2018.
You can contact the hospital via e-mail: info@arsveterinaria.es or telephone: +34 932 858 000.


Executive Board EVDC


DVM, Dipl.AVDC, Dipl. EVDC
Ignacio got his Doctor in Veterinary Medicine degree by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) in 2004. He was interested in veterinary dentistry since his veterinary school years in the UAB; that interest got him to study that topic and graduate in that discipline by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) in 2006.

He started-up Odontovet, small animal dentistry and oral surgery mobile services, after his studies in the UCM. He practiced then veterinary dentistry and oral surgery, with his operation base in a referral practice located in Valles Oriental region, over ten years; he lectured in national and international meetings while he was practicing during those years. In the meanwhile he continued his training by visiting and practicing in well known veterinary dentistry referral practices in Copenhagen and Phoenix, AZ.
He started his Dentistry and Oral Surgery residency training program at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) in 2015, being part of the Speciality Services at the Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital (PennVet) in Philadelphia, PA. He complemented his training visiting other referral practices in Vancouver, BC, and Phoenix, AZ; as well as rotating through PennVet’s Radiation Oncology and Exotic Companion Animals Medicine and Surgery Services.
He joined Ars Veterinaria clinical staff as head of the Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service after his residency training program fulfillment in 2018.
Ignacio is a Board-Certified Veterinary Dentist by AVDC since June 2019
Ignacio is a Board-Certified Veterinary Dentist by EVDC since October 2019