How to train an EVDC Resident

The EVDC has a mission to promote education in the specialisation of veterinary dentistry and all Diplomates are encouraged to become actively engaged, to further the science and in order to maintain their active college membership.

Residency programmes (General and Equine) involve 3-6 year structured training programmes under the supervision of an EVDC or AVDC Diplomate.

Full time programmes are three years minimum in duration and are undertaken at a Specialist Centre that has been approved in advance on a carefully structured programme that has been approved in advance. Programmes incorporate supervision of specialist techniques, research, presentation and obligatory training in related disciplines.

Alternate programmes are a minimum of 5 years in duration. The resident applicant makes the application and the Education committee approves it. The total training period is equal to a full time programme but it is fragmented. Training can be undertaken at Specialist centres and approved centres, which are attended by supervising Diplomates. Training of residents is a very important role of Diplomates and can be both rewarding and time consuming.

If you are interested in being involved in training or wish to compile an application, please check the 'Training and Credential' Document.