The Cecilia Gorrel and Paddy Dixon Awards

The Cecilia Gorrel and Paddy Dixon awards were created to thank and honour both Cecilia Gorrel and Paddy Dixon for their years of devotion and service to the College, and to the advancement and development of the subject of veterinary and equine dentistry, via research and publishing and also lecturing and teaching

These awards are presented annually to the EVDC residents who deliver the best presentations at the European Veterinary Dental Forum (EVDF) in both general and equine streams. The award is presented at the farewell drink of EVDF, and comprises a certificate and small honorarium.

The 2023 winners were:

Cecilia Gorrel Award 2023: James Haseler for his presentation "Marsupialisation of dentigerous cysts"

Paddy Dixon Award 2023: Dewi Borkent for her presentation  “The use of CT to measure apical angles of cheek teeth requiring extraction’’ 

The 2024 winners were:

Cecilia Gorrel Award 2024: Hannah van Velzen for her presentation “Extraction tips for feline dentistry’’

Paddy Dixon Award 2024: Michèle Clarysse for her presentation “Analysis of dental dust and its potential respiratory health risk’’