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Disclaimer: Courses listed on this site are led by an EVDC/AVDC diplomate. However, these courses are not specifically EVDC-endorsed for content and quality and they may not be directly relevant to residency training programmes. Please check directly with course- organisers for details of all courses.

These upcoming VDOS events may be of interest to EVDC residents
(ET = Eastern Time/Philadelphia; be sure you know when the event begins in your time zone):

Tuesday November 30 (Live-Stream of 3 hours) - Surgical Dental Extraction Techniques – Case Selection, Technique Comparison, Risks & Outcomes

Panelists: Edward Earley DAVDC(Eq), Jennifer Rawlinson DAVDC & Henry Tremaine DECVS, DEVDC(Eq)
Moderator: Chris Pearce DEVDC(Eq) 
Website: Surgical Dental Extraction Techniques – Case Selection, Technique Comparison, Risks & Outcomes


Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 March 2022 - Veterinary dentistry of small animals Course 

Location: Barcelona
Time: Saturday from 09.00-18.30 / Sunday from 09.00-14.30 CET
Speakers: Ignacio Velázguez, Aurora Mateo, Pilar Castelló

The course is aimed at providing students with practical competence, and theoretical basis, in the most common dental procedures in the small animal clinic.
The postgraduate course is structured in modules in which the theoretical bases of the practical procedures that will be learned and practiced in the same module are established.
At the end of the module, students will have the autonomy and bases for the realization of advanced periodontal treatments, as well as extractions of any tooth in small animals. The resolution of complications and regional anesthetic blockages are also competencies that students will acquire during the postgraduate course.

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