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Disclaimer: Courses listed on this site are led by an EVDC/AVDC diplomate. However, these courses are not specifically EVDC-endorsed for content and quality and they may not be directly relevant to residency training programmes. Please check directly with course- organisers for details of all courses.

Saturdays and Sundays 5-6 and 26-27 March, 2-3 and 23-24 Aprils, 7-8 and 14-15 May 2022Small Animal Veterinary Dentistry Course 

Location: Valencia
Time: Saturday from 09.00-18.30 / Sunday from 09.00-14.30 CET
Speakers: Ignacio Velázguez, Aurora Mateo, Pilar Castelló

The course is aimed at providing students with practical competence, and theoretical basis, in the most common dental procedures in the small animal clinic.

The postgraduate course is structured in modules in which the theoretical bases of the practical procedures that will be learned and practiced in the same module are established.
At the end of the module, students will have the autonomy and bases for the realization of advanced periodontal treatments, as well as extractions of any tooth in small animals. The resolution of complications and regional anesthetic blockages are also competencies that students will acquire during the postgraduate course.

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Saturdays and Sunday 23-24 April, Masters in Orthodontics and Crowns

Location:  Animal Dental Training Center, Towson, United States
Dates: Saturday and Sunday April 23-24, 2022
Instructor: Dr. Ira Luskin Dipl. AVDC/EVDC
Tuition: $3100

Dear Fellow Diplomates,

In this crazy pandemic pace that we find ourselves in, sometimes it is challenging to find the time to work with our residents outside our business hours and maintain a “normal” personal life. Compounded by the lack of time to train, are the appropriate cases to illustrate proper technique and principles in dental disciplines that are sporadic in their presentation.

Having residents for the last twenty plus years, I understand this time crunch and frustration. All of us would like to have well-trained residents that not only alleviate our case burden but perform at “near” specialty level. But alas who has the time of day to carry out this necessary resident training?

When the AnimalDentalTrainingCenter started in the year 2000 we were a much smaller college and advanced training was difficult to find. The ADTC initially offered Mock exams and Master level courses to many on their way to board certification. The attention to detail and adequate hands-on learning time has exemplified the AnimalDentalTrainingCenter.

After a long hiatus in offering our Masters educational series, I will be again offering on April 23-24th , a Masters in Orthodontics and Crowns. This course is specifically designed for those participants in residency training programs to help broaden their knowledge base and make them more competent to provide these services at their practice.

Our new state-of-the art ADTCTraining & ConferenceCenter will host this upcoming course.
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Kind regards, Dr. Ira Luskin Dipl. AVDC/EVDC

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Day#1  Saturday  Orthodontics: Principles of tooth movement, case selection and active and passive appliance fabrication used in dealing with malocclusions and their orthodontic correction.

  • Acrylic inclined planes for unilateral and bilateral movement
  • Crown Extensions
  • Button formers and masel chains used in active tipping
  • Creation of matrix canine bands and welding of prefabricated buttons and hooks
  • Participant creation of appliances to either tip or extrude teeth

Day#2  Sunday  Crowns: Principles of prosthodontics

  • Types of margins  for metal crowns
    • Maxillary 4th premolar feather margin
    • Mandibular 1st molar shoulder or slight bevel
    • Maxillary Canine chamfer margin
  • Crown preparation for ¾ crown coverage in canines
  • Fine detail rubber base impressions of the above preps
  • Rubber base bite registrations
  • Post and crown with impression and burn out pins
  • Type I and Type II crown lengthening