Equine Dentistry

An EVDC resident is a veterinary surgeon undertaking a course of training with the aim of qualifying as a Diplomate of the EVDC. The route to becoming a Diplomate of the EVDC is not an easy one, it takes time and dedication. Depending on the chosen training programme, at the end of the process you will be a recognized European Specialist in Equine Dentistry.

Membership of the EVDC is open to suitably trained veterinarians who:
• Have appropriate general veterinary training and experience
• Have advanced veterinary dental training and experience
• Have satisfied all the College credentialing requirements
• Have passed the College entry examinations and, following admission to the college:
• Have maintained their commitment to the specialty
• Have continued their training and experience in the specialty

To enter a training programme you have to meet certain criteria:

1. The applicant must be of high ethical, moral and professional standing
2. The applicant must be a veterinarian that graduated from an EAEVE accredited school of veterinary medicine, or be a graduate of an equivalent educational body recognized by the Board of the EVDC (as determined by current EVDC bylaws)
3. The applicant must be currently licensed, or eligible to become licensed to practise veterinary medicine in Europe
4. The applicant must be qualified as a veterinary surgeon for a minimum of 2 years including a minimum of 1 year in an equine internship or have equivalent equine clinical experience as approved by the Equine Educational Committee.

A training programme is supervised by an active Dipl. EVDC Equine. There must be a signed agreement between the potential resident and the proposed supervisor(s) to undertake the training programme.
Check the Residency Training Vacancies page of the website or find a Diplomate in your area to inquire about available training programmes.

An EVDC Equine training programme can be
• an approved full-time 3-year period of training at an approved Specialist Centre, with full-time on-site supervision by the Supervisor
• a part-time period of training (minimum 5 years) with part-time supervision.

Please check the ‘Training and Credential’ document for more details on equine training programme requirements and credentialing.

The application for a new residency programme is done online through VetDentDMS
You must contact first the EVDC secretary via secretary@evdc.org prior to starting any application.

The application package consists of the following documents

1. Application form for training programme: Application Form Training Programme
2. Fee payment: click here to check the appropriate fee; after you payment has been processed, you will be sent a receipt; please include the receipt in your application package
3. Graduation certificate: original (+ self English translation)
4. License to practice in Europe: original (+ self English translation)
5. Letter of good standing/lack of grievance or ethics infractions from the licensing body: original (+ self English translation)
6. Curriculum vitae: use EVDC CV template
7. Residency (training) site application
a. Alternate (part time) residency in a Recognised training centre: Application Form Training Facilities
b. Standard (full-time) residency in a Specialist Centre.
Self-certification statement to be filled by residency director: Specialist Center self-certification statement
8. Residency (training) programme description: detailed description of the proposed training programme explaining how all the training requirements will be met.
9. Handouts and charts: copies of all anaesthetic, oral-dental and other record forms and client handouts used (translated in English if necessary)
10. Training Programme application – supervisor’s approval form

All required documents have to be uploaded in VetDentDMS as a bulk package under “Application for programme registration”.

• Please number and name each document as indicated above when saving the file
• Get approval for the residency training programme by the EVDC board prior to the start of the residency. This should be done between 6 and 3 months prior to the starting date.
• Starting dates and deadlines for submission can be found in the Important Dates and Deadlines Document.