The goal of EVDC training programmes is to become a Diplomate of the College and, and eligible to be a Veterinary Dental Specialist. This necessitates a period of intensive training under the direct supervision and an EVDC (or in some circumstances AVDC) Diplomate. The route to becoming a Diplomate of the EVDC is both challenging and rewarding. Considerable time, hard work, financial sacrifice and dedication, is required to complete the rigorous speciality training. Training programmes are either full-time, which usually involve competitive selection as a resident by an institution or practice with an approved training programme for three years, or part-time that involve structured periods of study with a Diplomate spread over a minimum five-year period at an approved centre. Programmes are available in both Veterinary Dentistry and Equine dentistry. The training period involves comprehensive training in all relevant techniques to specialise in veterinary dentistry, and the submission of a detailed caselog, evidencing the experience, which is uploaded onto the College’s Document management system (DMS). The programmes are monitored annually by the Education Committee, which advises on progress. After completion of the resident training programme you will submit your credentials package on DMS, outlining your in clinical training, diagnostic imaging, special disciplines, presentations and experience by means of the caselog. In addition during the residency, you will submit two manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed international scientific journals. If the credentials are completed you become eligible to sit the EVDC qualifying examination. This comprises both two theoretical parts and one practical component. If you pass all three parts you are eligible to become a Diplomate of the EVDC, and you will eligible to be an EBVS ® recognised European Veterinary Specialist in Dentistry.

Veterinarians with an interest in specialising in dentistry should consider exploring residency training programmes in their country or contact the EVDC education committee. Specific details of eligibility to apply for a residency can be found in the General requirements section of the Training and credentials documents

Members of the EVDC:
· Have appropriate general veterinary training and experience
· Have advanced veterinary dental training and experience
· Have satisfied all the College credentialing requirements
· Have passed the College entry examinations and become EVDC Diplomates
· Maintain their commitment to the specialty
· Are committed to continue their education and experience in the specialty, and to educating others