Important Documents and Forms

Training Programme Documents

1. EVDC Training and Credentialing Document_General (SA)
2. EdC Review Form for Annual Report
3. Supervisor Annual Review Form
4. Info to Application for Training Programme Approval
5. Application Form for Approval of Training Programme
6. Important dates and deadlines
7. Assessment Form for Application of Approved Training Centre

1. Equine_Training and Credential Document (updated version of June 2021)
2. Equine_Appendix of Training and Credential Document

Annual Report Documents

- Submission checklist and index form_General (SA) 
- Submission checklist and index form_Equine
- Assessment form for Annual Reports 
- Attachments to Annual Reports 

Credential Documents

- Resident checklist for Credentials Application_Equine
- Entry examination document no 5 

Radiograph Documents

- Radiograph Set Information for Submission (SA)
- Review RADSET Form
- Example Radiograph Set ID 1425 Canine
- Example Radiograph Set R1480 Feline

Application Forms

- Application Form Reference Request 
- Application Form Training Programme 2022
- Application Form Training Facilities 2022_Equine
- Application Form for Radiograph Submission_Equine
- Application Form Annual Assessment

Other Documents 

- Case Logs Instructions 
- Recommended reading list 2022
- List of practical procedures 2021 
- CV template
- Leave of Absence Policy and Form
- Publication requirements 
- Specialist hours Training Form

- Example MRCL long form
- Example MRCL short form

- Example Feline full-mouth dental radiograph set
- Example Canine full-mouth dental radiograph set