About EVDC

The EVDC history

1998 – Inauguration of the European Veterinary Dental College

The European Board of Veterinary Specialisation accepted the application for provisional recognition of the European Veterinary Dental College (EVDC) in April 1998 and the College held its first examinations in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in May that year. The inaugural meeting of the EVDC was held on May 14, 1998, at which stage there were twelve members:

Founding Diplomates:

Karl Zetner
Colin Harvey
Frank Verstraete
Philippe Hennet
Cecilia Gorrel
Peter Fahrenkrug
Fidel San Roman
James Anthony
Loic Legendre

Passed the first examination:

Dea Bonello
David Crossley
Leen Verhaert


2024-2026 Rachel Perry
2022-2024 Henry Tremaine
2020-2022 Chris Pearce
2018-2020 Jerzy Gawor
2016-2018 Jens Ruhnau
2014-2016 Philippe Hennet
2012-2014 Cedric Tutt
2010-2012 Philippe Roux
2008-2010 Norman Johnson
2006-2008 Frank Verstraete
2004-2006 Alex Reiter
2002-2004 Leen Verhaert 
2000-2002 Dea Bonello
1998-2000 Inaugural President Cecilia Gorrel 


EVDC's Objectives 

The primary objectives of the College shall be the promotion of study, research and practise of veterinary dentistry in Europe, and increase the competency of those who practise in this field by:

  1. Establishing guidelines for postgraduate education and training as a prerequisite to become a specialist in veterinary dentistry, including equine dentistry; 
  2. Examining and authenticating veterinarians as specialists in veterinary dentistry to serve the veterinary patient, its owner and the public in general, by providing expert care for animals with orodental diseases; 
  3. Encouraging research and other contributions to knowledge in all aspects of veterinary dentistry, and promoting communication and dissemination of this knowledge;
  4. The development, supervision and assessment of continuing education programmes in veterinary dentistry; 
  5. Committing itself to the development of a culture, which recognises the importance of quality, and quality assurance, in its activities, and to this end, the College should develop and implement a strategy for the continuous enhancement of quality. 
  6. Guaranteeing and maintaining the highest level of specialisation in veterinary dentistry, according to European Qualifications Framework (EQF) level 8.

EVDC's Policy Statements 

  1. EVDC agreed with A statement on „Anaesthesia-Free Dental Procedures”  for Cats & Dogs (adopted on 2013). Click here to download the document. 
  2. EVDC signed  Joint EVDS/EVDC Statement on Clinical Competencies in Small Companion Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery (May 2014). Click here to download the document. 
  3. EVDC endorses the VOHC Seal of Acceptance to oral home care products that meet pre-set standards of effectiveness in dental plaque and calculus control. (adopted by the Board May 2016)