EVDC Equine Research Day

7th June 2023

Location: Pool House Equine clinic. Lichfield, WS13 8RD, United Kingdom.
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09:00   Welcome and discussion about residency programmes

10:00   Residents' Form
             These will be case reports, preliminary research data or critically appraised topics (CAT reviews).
             Each talk will be 20-25 minutes plus discussion


Dewi Borkent

Fluoride concentrations in equine dental plaque and saliva


Tom McGinley

Measurement of forces exerted duringequine cheek tooth extraction in a cadaver specimen



Amelia Sidwell

Assessing dental pain in hospitalised horses – a pilot study.



Johanna Schneider

Presentation and management of advanced occlusal caries affecting the maxillary cheek teeth of 4 horses



David Seymour

Management of equine mandibular exostoses causing pain


Alexis Leps

Outcome of  surgical treatment of primary sinusitis


13:00  Buffet Lunch

14:00 Panel discussions:
           Panel: Sam Hole, Chris Pearce, Henry Tremaine, Neil Townsend.
           Troubleshooting cases:



Neil Townsend

Tricky oral extractions: when and what is plan B

Sam Hole

Periodontal disease: What is the strategy for chronic cases

Henry Tremaine

Computed tomography - which cases benefit the most

Chris Pearce

Selecting the case for endodontics

Manfred Stoll (Guest)

Technical mistakes in endodontics


17:00  Round-up and close

Registration fees

Price, including buffet lunch:
£155  (€180)  Delegates
£105  (€120)  for EVDC residents


Abstracts should be submitted no later than 1st of March 2023 to henry.tremaine@gmail.com