Fees and payments


The EVDC is a non-profit educational organization whose objectives are the advancement of veterianry dentistry, odonto-stomatology and oral surgery. Fees are charged to help cover the costs of perfoming the College's activities and duties.

Types of fees

Training programme fees
Applicants for membership of the EVDC are required to have completed an approved training programme. Proposed training programmes and the facilities that will be used during training must be pre-approved by the EVDC and programmes are reviwed at regular intervals throughout their duration. Fees are charged to cover a proportion of the College's costs relating to assessment of training programmes and facilities. 

Application for approval of a training programme: € 120,00
Training programme review: € 60,00
Handling fee for documents resubmitted after being found to be incomplete before assessment: € 50
(the full fee is due on resubmission of items that were previously assessed) 

College membership Application fees
Fees are charged to cover the College's costs to reviewing an applicant's credentials. 

Application for EVDC membership: € 400
Handling fee for documents resubmitted after being found to be incomplete before assessment: € 50
(the full fee is due on resubmission of items that were previously assessed)

College entry examinations fees
The College entry examination is divided into three sections, all of which must be completed successfully. Fees are charged to contribute to the costs of each section of the examination with a discounted fee when all three sections are taken at the same time.

Full examination (all 3 sections): € 1.200,00
Theory section of examination: € 300,00
Image oriented section of examination: € 300,00
Practical section of examination: € 600,00
Theory plus Image oriented section: € 600,00

From 2021 the EVDC entry exam consists of two main parts. Part I a (Theory) and Part I b (Case Oriented Multiple Choice), and Part II (Practicals). A candidate must pass Part I a and b to be eligable to sit Part II, thus payment should only be for Part 1 a and b until the Candidate has passed both prior to payment of Part II.

College membership fees
Members are either Diplomates or Honorary Members. Honorary members are not required to pay membership fees. Diplomates are required to pay membership fees unless they have been granted Retired of Life Diplomate status. Those examined candidates who successfully complete the College entry examination are deemed to have paid the membership fee for the remainder of the uear in which the examination was taken.

Membership fees are due annually in advance, i.e., they must be paid by 1st of January. 
Since 2017, the annual membership fee is € 300.

Appeals fees
Fees are levied to cover the costs of handling appeals against decisions made by the College.

Initial assessment of an appeal*: € 100,00
Cost of a meeting with College representatives#: see below
Cost of a meeting with an EBVS representative#: see below

* In the event that an appeal is successful, the initial assessment fee will be refunded.
# Meeting costs vary and will be calculated at the time a meeting is requested.

Other fees
Fees may be charged for other services provided by the College, such as providing mock examination and training sessions. The fees for these services will be published at the appropriate time and will reflect the cost of providing the services. 

Payment of fees

Fees must be paid in a manner which does not incur additional expense for the College. Any bank changes or currency conversion fees relation to payment of College fees must be met by those making the payments. 

Payment details will be supplied to third parties who are invoiced by the College. College members, trainees, applicants and exam candidates have the option of either paying by bank transfer or using the College's online payment system. Details are provided in the EVDC DMS. 
Prospective trainees will be given access to the DMS when they notify the Secretary of their intention to apply for approval of a training programme. 

All automated payments must have an easily recognised payment reference so that they can be recognised and accounted for. The online payment system does this automatically for those paying for their own fees. Payment on behalf of other must be suitably annotated. Please ensure that payments in relation to invoices issues by the Treasurer quote the payment reference or invoice number indicated in the invoice. Payment references for other payments should be in the form of a prefix indicating the category of payment (see below) followed by the surname and initials of the person or the company name that the payment relates to, e.g. O/Surname_I.

Recognised payment prefixes:
T = Training programme payment
A = Membership application payment
E = Examination fee payment
M = Membership fee payment
O = Other payment category

Guidelines for payments to the EVDC

  • If a payment is scheduled, make sure you use/choose the correct payment method as outlined below.
  • Include a brief description /reference what the payment is for 
  • Send an email to the treasurer (treasurer@evdc.org) announcing the payment and add further clarifications if applicable/necessary.

A confirmation of your payment will be given within one weeks’ notice. Receipts will be issued within 4 weeks after payment.

Payment options:

1. Online payment
This is preferred for all diplomates residing withinthe Eurozone.

Pay online

2. Payment by electronic bank transfer.
Account details:
European Veterinary Dentistry College
IBAN: BE44 0016 5720 1045

BNP Paribas Fortis Bank 
Address: Hundelgemsesteenweg 341, B-9820 Merelbeke (Belgium)