EVDC Residency Covid-19 Contingency Planning

COVID-19 has a huge impact on our lives including the residency programmes that are currently running. This is clearly illustrated by the results of a questionnaire distributed amongst residents.

The EVDC board has created a Resident Support Group (RSG) which both residents and supervisors can contact regarding any issue that arises due to Covid restrictions. The RSG consists of the chairs of the Education Committees (EVDC – Peter Strøm, Hanne Kortegaard and EVDC-Equine subspecialty – Sam Hole), plus Lieven Vlaminck, EVDC Board Member, to co-ordinate the response and to act as liaison between the Board and the EdC chairs.

Contingency measures have been discussed and approved by the Board to assist residents-in-training in 2021, who may (have) experience(d) difficulties with acquiring material for their caselogs. They will be in effect for residents enrolled in programmes during 2021.

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